Whether operating as a sole trader or a global brand, all businesses are a type of seed and each has its own Corporate DNA (Distinctive Natural Attributes). 

In the strategic planning phase, success is all about discovering and unlocking the DNA, which enables the Incubated Seed to be released for the benefit of the wider community. It's during this crucial analysis phase that the business partnerships are formed, communication boundaries established and a Prosperity Roadmap (PR) is developed to grow the business in an organic way. 

ADAMS strategic planning business model helps SMMEs to gather intelligence data on markets and competitors, assess business opportunities and generate sustainable income and revenue streams to grow their enterprise year or year. 

There is an increasing use of resource management software by businesses to deliver high quality projects every time, as well as optimally leverage employee capabilities by providing management with up to date, easily searchable profile of skills, experiences, work preferences, and the abiity and availability to promptly access this information whenever it is needed. 

There are however, many SMMEs, particularly in the Third Sector, who simply do not have the resource to acquire, manage and/or maintain such software. These businesses ad organisations would typically adapt standard office products, with much success, to provide a level of resource management that is best suited to their working practices. 

ADAMS partner with SMMEs to provide the appropriate business tools in the key areas of resource management. 

  • Business health check 
  • Corporate DNA profiling
  • Vision Mapping
  • Prosperity Roadmap
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Feasibility study
  • Business plan development 
  • Finance strategy
  • Website development 

  • Sourcing of capital / finance
  • Corporate Responsibility framework
  • Policy diagnostics & development
  • Best practice methods
  • Project management
  • Leadership training & development
  • Business mentorship programme
  • Partnership mentors